June 3, 2015

Danica Loves the Glory Hole.

20 year old Danica Loves the Glory Hole. Anyone who loves to suck cock as much as she does was destined to find a glory hole somewhere in world. Luckily for us, that spot just so happens to be at our glory hole. Being married at 20 has it’s downfalls, unless you are married to a guy like Danica’s Husband. He gets off watching her do these kinds of things and insisted that she pay a visit to the Glory Hole. For being 20 years old this girl can suck. Hands, no hands, licking, deep throating, you name it. Dancia can do it all. Being that this is Danica’s first trip to the glory hole, she’s a little nervous at first but quickly warms up after taking her first few cocks. What starts with just a few cocks quickly turns into a glory hole record. Danica loves the glory hole so much that she took 21 loads of cum during this update. Clearly she will be back for round 2 very soon.

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