May 25, 2015

Kali’s First Glory Hole

Kali’s first glory hole video is nothing short of amazing. Seeing a smoking hot blonde chick enter the glory hole is reason enough for me to get excited. Kali got all dolled up in her super sexy white summer dress just for this special occasion. She can’t wait to get nasty with 8 total strangers through the glory hole. During the interview Kali makes it clear that she loves all cocks alike, no cock is better then the next. As long as the cock is nice and hard for her to play with, she will give it all the undivided attention it deserves. After a quick start she quickly decides to ditch the dress as it’s already getting all full of cum. But what would you expect from a babe like Kali. This girl knows exactly how to make a guy cum. Kali uses her hands, tongue lips and mouth to work every single cock that dares peak through the hole.

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