May 27, 2015

Slutty Savannah Visits The Glory Hole

Welcome Slutty Savannah to the Glory Hole. Just by the look of this chick we knew that we were in for a treat. Even if we didn’t judge the book by the cover, Savannah assured us that she is at least a 9 in skill department. The second she walks in the door shes wet and ready to go. Usually after the interview is finished a random cock will pop through the glory hole, but before any of the cocks were even ready Savannah slipped off her panties and let one of the strangers finger her. This slut knows how to use every part of her upper body to make sure that every cock exploded when it reached it’s boiling point. She is skilled with her hands, mouth and even gag reflexes. During many of the blow jobs she has no problem sucking the cock down to the base. Savannah managed to get through 13 stranger’s cocks before the day was over, and every one of the strangers left with a smile on his face. After every cock was sucked and finished, I would say that this girl definitely rated herself correctly, in fact I’d probably go ahead and give her a 10!. She not only possess the physical skill of cock sucking, shes got the dirty/slutty attitude to match it. Who knows, may next time Savannah visits the Glory Hole, she’ll out do herself.

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